Sunday, 30 December 2012

Winter seems like it should be already half way through after 3 weeks of fresh powder riding before I even started work mid December and yet it isn't even January!

I've been over in Tignes for a Freeride Clinic mid December, which once again, as last year, turned into another week of riding deep fresh lines as over a meter of snow fell during the week. A great week with a great crew of guys, a mix of riding deep fresh in white out blizzard conditions, storm riding in the trees, fresh lines in the sunshine, a intense technique day which brought about some amazing results and an amazing last day of sunshine and steep and deep.

Home to Chamonix for Ruth's Christmas party which saw our house filled to overflow with over 70 guests and what seemed like hundreds of bottles of Champagne.

This was followed by a few days of Christmas for recovery (4 days minimum requirement after my annual drinking binge at the party). Christmas unfortunately brought about a drum set for Loren (age 5) which didn't help the after party recovery very much at all.

Some rain, another snowfall and then straight into a 3 day Splitboard Intro.


First day in a snow storm and then 2 days of great slack country touring around Le Tour


 and then Flegere/Brevent.

It got warm yesterday, almost spring like conditions, clear skies last night and pretty icy after a freeze overnight. The pistes are in good condition, but firm in places and up high there is still untracked powder in abundance for those that know where to find it.

I have a 3 day tech clinic next week, the first week of the New year, followed by an Off Piste Freeride clinic and then a Private group for a Splitboarding week, another 3 day Freeride clinic and then away for Kashmir.

There have been a few cancellations for courses so I have updated the courses availability page on the web site, so check it out for further details.

I leave you with this latest video from yesterdays final day of the Splitboard Intro course up around the Lac Noire.

Not a bad start to the winter all in all…Looking forward to 2013 so Happy New year to you all, lets make sure it a good one!


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